Dusky Pionus


Size: 10 inches
Lifespan: 25 years
Bird Species: Pionus Parrot
Colors: Brownish grey

Sounds: Quiet, Natural calls
Interaction: Social, Affectionate, Fun, Friendly, Docile, Calm. Devoted
Comparable Breeds: Maximilian’s Parrot, White Capped Pionus

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Known for it’s tranquil and practical character, the Dusky Pionus Parrot is a mainstream individual from the Pionus family. Stable populaces, low-upkeep needs, and a magnificent personality are the significant explanations for the variety’s rising prevalence in agribusiness.
One of the most fascinating Pionus parrots, they contrast from their cousins in the two looks and character characteristics and have something to bring to the table to anybody avian fan and pet proprietor the same. Dusky Pionus Parrot was an uncommon sight up to the 1970’s. From that point forward they have set up themselves as one of the most well known pet parrots.