Dusky Headed Conure


Size: 11 inches
Lifespan: up to 40 years
Bird Species: Conure
Colors: Green

Sounds: Quiet, Mimics
Interaction: Social, Calm, Fun, Affectionate, Cuddly
Comparable Breeds: Sun Conure, Jenday Conure

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We all know that conures are small birds but big clowns. They are cuddly, cute, and full of goofy tricks. The Dusky conure is not far behind. This popular pet parrot is a perfect companion and is loved for its calm, peaceful temperament and entertaining behavior. Healthy and hardy like most conures, they require moderate care and in return provide treasured company, never failing to put a smile on your face.
Due to being relatively quiet, Dusky Headed conure parrot is an excellent choice for apartment dwellers. Dusky Headed conure parrots are calm, affectionate and endlessly funny- this makes them a very popular pet parrot. Also you can purchase Red Sided Eclectus, Solomon Island Eclectus, Brown Throated Conure parrots online.