Blue Crowned Conure


Size: up to 15 inches
Lifespan: 30-40 years
Bird Species: Conure
Colors: Green

Sounds: Vocal, Mimics, Natural calls, Talkative
Interaction: Social, Affectionate, Fun, Cuddly, Silly
Comparable Breeds: Sun Conure, Hyacinth Macaw

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Blue Crowned Conure Parrots are definitely one of the cuddliest and cutest breeds in the whole family, and they are also one of the best pet parrots you can get. With a personality overflowing with fun and loving affection, these silly parrots will certainly bring a lot of fun into your daily life. Once a bond is created between you and your pet,  it can last up to 40 years, as these are long-lived birds.
This means you will have a fun and goofy companion for a decades to come. Read on to find out more about this lovely conure and how this pet can enrich your everyday life! These cute conures are a popular pet thanks to their cuddly, fun, and affectionate nature. Find cute and loving Blue Crowned Conure Parrots online at our Live Parrots shop. You can also shop for Dusky Pionus, Lilac Crowned Amazon, and Harlequin Macaw all available at our shop.