Blue and Gold Macaw


Size: up to 35 inches
Lifespan: 50 to 60 years
Bird Species: Parrot
Colors: Bright blue, yellow

Sounds: Talking bird, Vocal
Interaction: Highly Social, Affectionate, Playful, Intelligent
Comparable Breeds: African Grey Parrot, Scarlet Macaw

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There is no parrot with a more notable look than the Blue and Gold Macaw. These pet parrots are a famous expansion to films, kid’s shows, and commercials, as their brilliant and extraordinary looks set up their standing as astoundingly excellent flying creatures. They are additionally one of the most mainstream pet parrots, making them promptly accessible to buy online.
Also, Blue and Gold Macaw is a friendly and adoring winged animal, and with its noteworthy life expectancy, a magnificent decision for a long-lasting partner pet. With their magnificence, great characters and long life expectancy, they are profoundly famous and cherished as pets.